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Deer Management & Culling Services

Deer Management & Culling Services

A branch service of Olde English Pest Control

All aspects of deer control services undertaken across the south east.

A polite friendly service from the first call & all the way through the proceedings.

We work with our clients and involve and consult the at all stages of the service.

We can supply a single operativeĀ orĀ a whole team of experienced operatives and work with a field biologist when required.

Barry and his team regularly work at:

  • estates
  • farmland
  • woodland
  • forestry
  • plantations
  • vineyards
  • historic houses
  • rural domestic situations
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Humane Animal Dispatch

We provide a Humane Animal Dispatch & Euthanasia service to farmers & equestrian 24 hours a day.

Recording the number and species of deer

Additionally, we offer deer number counts using all the latest thermal technology to see exactly what deer numbers and species are present.

We liaise with our client at all stages in order to draw up a written deer cull / management plan and then implement it. Recording the number and species of deer

Welfare & sustainability is at the core of what we do

All deer cull and management plans are carried out with the deer welfare in mind.

The end result being a very healthy sustainable food source.

Deer Species & Facts

About Red Deer

Red Deer

About Sika Deer

Sika Deer

About Roe Deer

Roe Deer

About Muntjac Water Deer

Muntjac Deer Deer

About Fallow Deer

Fallow Deer

About Chinese Water Deer

Chinese Water Deer